Charms are made from Silver Art Clay, which is turned into 99.9% Fine Silver when fired.  Charms go through several processes before firing, to get them to an almost perfect finish.

Simple, you can either book a home appointment or order via the website, where an impressions pack will be sent out to you.

Yes, there will be everything you need inside the pack, including easy to use instructions. And if you do get stuck, get in touch and we’ll only be too happy to help

No, everything is done by me at my home studio, finished by hand.

No, not quite anyway. I always say “never to old”, although fingerprints are better done once baby is a year old but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a dimple or nail print.  Hand and foot prints can be taken from a days old

Jewellery orders can take up to 14 days from receipt of your impressions, which will be confirmed when received back at the studio.

Casting is taking an impression either in clay to make a 2D raised impression or a 3D casting, a true representation of capturing a moment in time.

Castings can be booked via email.  You must be local to the Chelmsford, Essex and surrounding area.

Completely! Raised impressions are done in a non-toxic air drying modelling clay and the 3D casts are taken in dentist Alginate, completely non-toxic.  The inkless wipes are non-toxic and similar to those used by hospitals.

Up to 3-4 Weeks to finish, castings can’t be rushed, they need time to dry completely before painting and framing/mounting on plinth.

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